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Harbor Health Integrated Care Inc.

Was founded on March 23, 2020, initially as a mental health care and counseling center. Since then, it has expanded to cover primary care services, dental services, crisis care and education, as well as an inpatient detox program and a call center.


Largely from the Native American population, are received by referrals from probation offices, hospitals, reservations, and word of mouth. Harbor Health was founded to be a cornerstone of Dr.Johnwick Nathan's local community in Arizona, and every extension has been dedicated to meeting another one of the community’s needs.

Dr. Johnwick Nathan's continues to build on the foundation he laid in 2020, and Harbor Health has since been integrated with his other ventures, like Guillet Industries and the Nathan Foundation.

Johnwick Nathan
Harbor Health Integrated Care inc

Guillet Industries

Was founded in 2021, to support community development and provide financial services.
It’s various departments include IT, construction, real estate, and mortgage and loan services.

His construction company provides housing to the people finishing his rehabilitation program with Harbor Health Integrated Care. Guillet also provides mortgages and loans to those
in need, including those who don’t have a social security number.

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