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The Business of Empathy – How Johnwick Nathan found success while helping his community

Updated: Jul 2

You’ve probably noticed that the public perception of corporations isn’t very high right now. Especially during the global pandemic, as billionaires added more billions to their personal wealth while ordinary Americans were suffering.

Indeed, many CEOs are seen as soulless – sacrificing the wellbeing of others for their excessive prosperity. This doesn’t have to be the case. Johnwick Nathan, a successful entrepreneur and CEO of a multimillion dollar company, is trying to lead by example. He believes that he holds the key to meshing business with empathy, and he also believes these keys to success are learnable.

Can Success and Empathy be Symbiotic?

Johnwick started his first business in March of 2020. Harbor Health Integrated Care provides mental health and counseling services to struggling people in Arizona. This however, was not Johnwick’s first experience in the healthcare industry. While studying music production in Tempe, he started working as a behavioral health tech at a local group home to make some extra money.

He found the experience to be more fulfilling than anything he had previously experienced. “To be able to see a person change; that’s like watching a child be raised. When you have a child and he or she grows up and you’re like ‘man, I really did a great job,’” said Johnwick, recalling the experience. “Doing that changed my life. And at that moment I said ‘you know what? I think this is what I want to do.’” He was determined to open his own group home, and in 2017, after facing evictions, car repossessions, and other general adversities, he succeeded. His residential recovery program has helped many Arizonians, especially members of the Native American population get out of the toughest spots in their lives, a fact that Johnwick relays proudly.

This residential recovery program has since expanded into six group homes. In 2020, Johnwick officially founded Harbor Health Integrated Care, as a way to reach more people in his community. He’s added a psychiatric clinic and more group homes and an inpatient detox program. He’s also planning to add primary care and dental services to HHIC’s repertoire of useful services. He wants to address the needs of his community as much as he can using one unified healthcare company.

In this way, his empathy and care for his clients doesn’t just coexist with his success, it is directly integral to the growth of his businesses. His latest business ventures have been further extensions of this idea.

Guillet Industries was founded in early 2021, as a community development and financial services company. It constructs affordable housing, as well as provides real estate, mortgage, and loan services. The most interesting part is that it directly integrates with Harbor Health. Outgoing patients from Harbor Health facilities can find affordable ways to live independently and contribute back to their communities through Guillet Industries.