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Pantang Hospital To Be Renovated By American-Based Entrepreneur Johnwick Nathan

Updated: Jul 2

Pantang Hospital in the Ga East Municipal Assembly is scheduled to undergo some renovations by a 27-year old rising American entrepreneur as part of his agenda to meet the needs of mental healthcare in the country.

Disclosing his intention at the launch of the maiden edition of his book dubbed “12 Principles Of Soulful Success” at the La Villa Boutique Hotel, Osu, Johnwick Nathan said that he has come to Ghana to find the need the country, especially in the mental health sector.

Speaking to the media at the launch, Johnwick Nathan noted that little or no attention is given to mental healthcare in the country as compared to other sectors; thus, he intends to start up with mental healthcare and later zone into education.

“I am here to meet the needs of the people and specifically the mental health. I am here to find out the need of the people and I want to start up with mental health because I believe it is such an important area that people sometimes overlook and it is a place that is not receiving the same attention as other sectors”, he disclosed.

He insisted that the Pantang Hospital project which has to do with the repair of the roof of the administration block and some areas are the starting point as that is what the assistant director of the hospital has indicated to be one of the pressing issues confronting the management of the hospital.

“I am going to hire a contractor and not give them the money to repair the roof of the administration block and after that, we will start from there. Once I demonstrate that I am here to help with the repair of the roof and other areas, we will take it up from there”, he said.

Johnwick Nathan posited that he chose Ghana due to the connection he has made through his Ghanaian friend O’Neill after he has made his intention known to him that he wants to make a change.

“…he [O’Neill] told me what he is doing in his country and so I took interest and I booked a trip to Ghana and so it happened that my book has been released and so I decided to launch it here. We are finding a solution to the needs and problems the country is having”, he mentioned.

He stated emphatically that his ambition in Ghana is to assist a change, create awareness about mental health and also help build a mental hospital to take care of mental patients in the country.

Information about Johnwick Nathan

Johnwick Nathan is a rising American entrepreneur who at the age of 27 has transformed a passion for serving others into a multimillion-dollar enterprise. What is most amazing about his meteoric success is that its Primary Principle is love. Johnwick’s belief as proven by his own experience is that maintaining a mindset of servanthood, putting the benefit of others first, is not only a highly efficient approach to your personal life but also to your business.

Johnwick Nathan was born in 1994 to the family of Miliana Joseph Leprince Nathan in Haiti in a small town called Bombardopolis. Miliana Johnwick’s mother packs up her family and migrates to the United States.