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Johnwick Nathan Lifestory

Updated: Jun 21

John-wick Nathan finds joy in helping others develop into the person they feel called to be. But how does a young man with a giving heart make his first million by the age of 24? How in three years does he catapult from his position earning $12 an hour as a counselor, to earning $125K per week as an entrepreneur?

Amazingly, it has been the same devotion to his clients as a counselor that has fueled his meteoric success.

Born the youngest child of six to a farming family in Haiti in 1994, John-wick’s journey in the US began with their arrival two years later. Raised in the town of Hudson NY, his creative genius first was expressed in the arts. Dancer, drummer, musician—his many talents found an outlet in the local church while, landing his first job with at Operation Unite, John-wick developed the work ethic and administrative skills that would serve him in his future business ventures.

At 14, John-wick moved to Connecticut to live with his sister Wildine Nathan who was adamant that his remarkable gifts not be wasted. While pursuing her own college degree, she worked multiple jobs to provide for him, stopping home between shifts to check on her teenage brother. As in childhood, John’s social life remained centered on the church, although he excelled in soccer and stood out as a leader, well respected among his peers.

After graduation, John studied music at Indiana Bible College in Indianapolis, then toured the country with his renowned gospel group, Arise. Settling in Arizona, John-wick graduated from Cras as a sound engineer. Now rooted in Arizona, he connected with the Native American community and wanted to make a difference in their lives. This passion led him to found eight group homes to assist individuals, recovering from drug and alcohol addictions. Taking the healthcare market by storm, he founded Safekeeping Counseling also known as Harbor Health Integrated inc. as a gateway to continued recovery and stabilization for those on the path to recovery.

At the age of 27 Mr. Nathan successfully runs his own multimillion dollar healthcare enterprise.

Expanding his dream for a recovered community, John-wick also founded Guillet Industries which serves as an investment company, real estate company as well as a construction company. His vision remains focused on providing an avenue for those that are recovering to embark on full independence and become contributing members of the community. As of 2021, Mr. Nathan is further fulfilling his vision by opening a dental and medical center to serve the community. Fully involved in the entertainment industry and as a social media influencer, John-wick Nathan is a highly respected entrepreneur who continues to make his mark by teaching others how to apply his principles to bring their own dreams into fruition. Through workshops, networking and the upcoming publication of his books, Mr. John-wick Nathan seeks to continue to serve his community, assisting individuals live their best lives while spreading his message and mission to the world.