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Johnwick Nathan to refurbish Pantang Hospital

Updated: Jul 26

Johnwick Nathan, by his own experience believes that, maintaining a mindset of servanthood and putting the benefit of others first, is not only a highly efficient approach to your personal life but also to your business. Hence, he defines success as an accomplishment of service to mankind.

“Success is something that you have to define for yourself, and no one can do it for you. Success could mean a sense of giving back to the world and making a difference. It could mean a sense of accomplishment and career progression. It could mean being able to do the things you love,” John-Wick emphasized.

Inspired by his new found appreciation for helping people, Nathan struck out to create his own business. Following the advice of business gurus like Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone, he started Harbor Health Inc, a company that runs group homes and other places of assistance for those with drug addictions or other mental health issues. It was with Harbor Health that Nathan found a great new way to reach struggling people.

Reaching out to other parts of the world, he found himself on the shores of Ghana through a connection by his friend O’neal, who was born in Ghana. “I’m here as a catalyst of change,……to find the right people……to meet their needs,” he stated.

As a mental health activist, he believes that mental health is one area society overlooks. Thus, his first point of call was the Pantang Hospital, to find out what their main problem and needs are, in order to offer them solutions.

Mr. Nathan, revealed the deplorable state of the Hospital, including the wards for the inmates as well as their wellbeing, which needed urgent attention.

“What they told me that they need is number one,…..they want the roof to be repaired, and some other areas. But I think what I’m going to do is that, I hire a contractor and pay him to do all the work to uplift the face of the Hospital to a state-of-the-art facility. I’m going to ensure that the company delivers. Most of the time, people donates money for a project and go away without ensuring successful execution of the project. But I’m going monitor, evaluate and ensure a successful execution of the project,” he reiterated.

Also into construction and development, Johnwick Nathan, further underpinned other plans of solution he has to offer the country in the education sector and the general wellbeing of |the people.

He noted that, Pantang Hospital is going to be the starting point of his developmental agenda in the country. Indicating that, he and his team have laid down plans to duplicate mental hospitals across the length and breath of the country.

He made these revelations in an interview with the media at the launched of his first book titled, “12 Principles of Soulful Success,” in Accra, on 23rd June 2021, at the La Villa Boutique hotel, Osu.

Johnwick Nathan, exhumed his past and shared some key principles he believes can help others to replicate him.

On the backdrop of this, Mr. Nathan couldn’t have gotten to where he is today without following the path he followed. With all of the failures and challenges, without the smaller successes, he couldn’t have made the same achievements that he has made today.

As a believer in teaching than spoon-feeding, he wants to share the secrets to his success in his new book which sets out twelve principles to achieve success. First on the list is the Mindset Principle: which says that, if you believe in what you can achieve, you can believe what you achieve.

Each of these principles have guided Johnwick on his journey, especially the final and primary principle, which is the principle of love. Love as an intention, rather than an emotion. He believes that this driving love, which establishes value, infuses relationships and promotes healing has ultimately led to his success.

A little Johnwick Nathan

Johnwick Nathan was born in 1994 to the family of Miliana Joseph Leprince Nathan in Haiti in a small town called Bombardopolis. Miliana Johnwick’s mother packs up her family and migrates to the United States.

In 2001 John stated his educational path attending the Greenport Elementary School. He received his first job as an office staff at Operation Unite in 2005. He later relocated to live with his older sister, Wildine in Willimantic, Connecticut.

In 2012 Johnwick graduated from Highschool and moved to Indianapolis, Indiana where he attended in loacal bible school. Sometime in 2013, John had to return home due financial difficulties and served as the head keyboardist at a local church. He seized this opportunity to focus on his music and created a created a gospel music group in partnership with his sister, Wildine.

John moved to Arizona in 2015 to attend CRAS recording school and received his first job as a Behavioural Health Therapist. He traveled around the United States as a musician and organised church conferences. In 201 7, John launched his first residential program which provided funding for his first business.

Following his interest in health care delivery, John launched The Harbour Health Integrated Care (HHIC) to provide quality health service and support for struggling individuals. John has expanded his business portfolio by incorporating construction and property management (Guilllet Industries).

Inspired by his own success story, Johnwick intends to launch his first book titled “12 Principles of Soulful Success in 2021. He also intends to add primary and dental care departments to HHIC.