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Entrepreneur Johnwick Nathan launches book on ‘principles of soulful success’

Updated: Jul 2

Entrepreneur, Johnwick Nathan has launched his first book titled “12 Principles of Soulful Success” in Accra.

The Haitian-born, America-based entrepreneur, Johnwick Nathan stated that love and service are major themes that run throughout his book and shared that if one wishes to be successful in life, he or she should carry a loving and elated attitude into all their business endeavors.

Again, he shared that in order for a person achieve success, he must have a positive mindset

Further speaking at the book launch, he added that his book is based on lessons he has learnt from his life and thus has purposed through this book to teach people how to be successful.

“It was primarily personal experiences but I strategically put the book together in the form of one principal led to another and then to another until it reaches its high end.

This is why I said, you read the book over and over and you use the previous principle to help you with the next principle. It just so happens that really works out like that,” he said.

After the book launch, Johnwick Nathan did a book signing of his new book. The program was organized at the La Villa Boutique Hotel in Osu, Accra

About Johnwick Nathan

Johnwick Nathan was born in Haiti and emigrated to Hudson, New York with his mother when he was three years old, seeking asylum in the 1990s. After high school, he went to a Bible college and studied theology, and then moved to Phoenix, Arizona to pursue an education in music. It was here that a major shift occurred in his life.

He worked at a group home for those recovering from drug addiction and found the experience of helping other people in hard spots incredibly fulfilling.

Inspired by his newfound appreciation for helping people, Nathan struck out to create his own business.

Following the advice of business gurus like Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone, he started Harbor Health Inc., a company that runs group homes and other places of assistance for those with drug addictions or other mental health issues.

It was with Harbor Health that Nathan found a great new way to reach struggling people.

His business ventures have grown unusually quickly, not just Harbor Health, but his real estate ventures as well.

Johnwick Nathan continues to expand his Harbor Health business and is currently planning to add a primary care practice as well as other practices to his suite of mental and healthcare facilities.