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Johnwick Nathan Announces New Self-Help Book: 12 Principles of Soulful Success

Updated: Jul 2

Exclusive PR Solutions is proud to announce the upcoming release of Johnwick Nathan's new book: "12 Principles of Soulful Success".

These 12 principles facilitated the creation and growth of Harbor Health Integrated Care, Mr. Nathan's premiere mental health care service company in Arizona.

"These are not steps—a sequence of actions that an author claims will lead to a pie-in-the-sky outcome. These are principles, and if practiced wholeheartedly, they can transform your life and the lives of the people you serve," reads the foreword to the book.

Each of the 12 principles defined in the book are designed to help you better your own life as well as the lives of those around you simultaneously.

Mr. Nathan is the CEO of multiple successful companies such as Harbor Health Integrated Care and Guillet Industries; organizations that are dedicated to assisting the struggling people of Arizona.

Harbor Health is run with the welcoming and loving attitude of a community outreach program, and Mr. Nathan and the other Harbor Health executives hope that this new book will promote a similar attitude in other businesses across the country.

"The principle of love is primary in the achievement of soulful success. Love, not as an emotion, rather as an intention. A driving principle that establishes value, infuses relationships and promotes healing and ultimately success," reads the new book's section on love.

This announcement comes on the heels of Mr. Nathan's trip to Ghana where he plans to expand his mental healthcare business, and spread his principles for success to the next generation of Ghanaian businessmen and women.

About Johnwick Nathan

Johnwick Nathan is the founder CEO of Harbor Health Integrated Care, a company that provides struggling Arizonians with vital healthcare and mental healthcare services. He is also the CEO of Guillet Industries, which integrates with HHIC to provide outgoing patients with affordable independent housing. He is deeply passionate about music, religion, and his community.

The book is on sale on Amazon and on the website.

You can learn more about Mr. Nathan's journey and his vision for the future on his website.

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