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American entrepreneur launches book on “Love and Servanthood”

Updated: Jul 2

A 27-year old American entrepreneur, Johnwick Nathan has launched his first book titled “12 Principles of Soulful Success”.

The 60-page book seeks to teach and bring insight to entrepreneurs on love and servanthood embracing them to succeed in their endeavours.

According to the young entrepreneur, he was inspired by his life experiences to create this piece to impact into others.

“Primarily personal experiences about how to strategically put the book together in a form of one principle led to another which led to another…you read the book over and over and you use the previous principle to help you with the next principle”.

“But the book? Yes, it was created based on a lot of personal experiences that I believe actually works, he noted”.

Johnwick Nathan, also a philanthropist and an advocate of mental health, underscored the need for society to pay more attention to persons with mental health issues.

He promised to support the Pantang psychiatric hospital after a visit to the facility.

“I’m here to meet the needs of people. I want to start with mental health because I believe it’s a problem people overlook.”

“There are people who are suffering from substance abuse in general throughout the country who are not being giving the same attention as people with mental health. Pantang is just a starting point, he said.”


Johnwick Nathan was born in Haiti in a small town called Bombardopolis to Miliana Joseph and Leprince Nathan.

His family later moved to the United States. In 2001, Johnwick attended the Greenport Elementary School and received his first job as an office staff at Operation Unite in 2005. He moved to Connecticut to live with his sister Wildine.

Johnwick graduated from high school in 2012 and moved to Indianapolis, Indiana where he attended the Indiana bible school.

After living in the United states for some time, Johnwick moved back to Haiti in 2013 and served as the head keyboardist at a local church and started a gospel music group with his sister, Wildine.

He moved to Arizona in 2015 and attended CRAS recording school and received a job as a behavioural health therapist. In 2017, he launched his first residential program which provided funding for his first business.

Following his interest in health care delivery, Johnwick launched The Habour Health Integrated Care (HHIC) to provide quality health service and support for struggling individuals.

He currently owns Guilllet Industries, a construction and property management as part of his many businesses.