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Studies estimate

That around 650,000 Ghanaians are currently struggling with severe mental illness, and the number of citizens suffering moderate to mild symptoms is millions more.

Dr. Johnwick Nathan was disheartened when he heard of the struggles Ghanaians were facing, but not entirely surprised. Americans face the same sort of stigmatizations; attitudes towards mental health that Johnwick has been fighting for years.

Johnwick Nathan

While in Ghana

Dr. Johnwick Nathan found a new kind of community. The Ga-Adangbe tribe has been a large focus of Dr.Johnwick’s and the people of the tribe have accepted him with open arms. His contributions have been so appreciated, that he’s been inducted into Ga-Adangbe royalty, with the title Nii Borlabi Tesaa I – an appellation that shows the community’s respect and admiration for him, as well as his commitment to supporting his people.

He’s already making waves in Ghana’s healthcare industry, meeting with officials and experts to figure out how he can implement his mental health treatment programs as efficiently and effectively
as possible.

While he wants to build new facilities in Ghana

He’s also visiting existing facilities to get an understanding of the way mental health treatment functions in the country. As a part of his recently created charitable organization, the Nathan Foundation, Johnwick has donated necessities like food and water to a local clinic.

Dr. Johnwick Nathan has lofty plans for the future in Ghana. He’s currently planning on fixing up the Pengtan hospital, an already existing facility, by redoing the roof of the administrative building.
The government has promised to support healthcare infrastructure for a long time, but since they have never fulfilled these promises, Dr. Johnwick Nathan is picking up the slack. The Nathan Foundation is also hard at work, planning to build a new mental health hospital, a boarding school, and women’s housing in Ghana.

Johnwick Nathan in Ghana

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